Our Team

Fall 2016 (Coming Soon)


Amanda Amodeo

Going into high school I had so many electives I was able to choose from. I already had an interest in computers so my mom had pushed me to give graphic design a try. I am so glad she did because I absolutely love it! I took all of the advanced classes and decided to continue my journey by pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Integrated Art and Design. I just recently rebranded an embroidery business and I am currently working on a lengthy brochure for the town of East Stroudsburg. Once I graduate next year I plan on finding a job at a design agency close to home while doing some freelance work on the side! Also, I take some time away from the design world by surrounding myself with music. I've been in marching band for 7 years now and host my own radio show at 90.3 WESS. Oh, and it's my birthday!

Amanda Amodeo - Middletown, NJ

Gabrielle Silva

I started out as a photographer in high school manipulating photographs, and I loved it so much I decided to educate myself further. Once in college I pursued my passion for art and photography. While taking art & design classes I fell in love with the graphic design courses. I took on side jobs for family including logo designing, T-shirt designing, and stationary designing. My doors into the graphic design world started when I obtained my first internship at Ideal Design on 120 S. Courtland St. Now I'm working on a couple projects with the student design agency at New Mind Design. Those include the Habitat of humanity poster, Logo for the Pocono Weddings website, Brochure for the Pocono Cinema, Brochure for the Art & design dept at ESU, and T-shirt designs for the community on the quad event at ESU. I plan to pursue my career in Graphic Design as a Designer for a graphics firm. I'm not picky when it comes to a select company, I just plan to go where the money leads me. Also, I am the Photography State Champion for Pennsylvania 2012 in the Technology Student Association.

Gabriella Silva - Stroudsburg, PA

Andrew Grant

"I'm originally from Long Island New York and moved to East Stroudsburg, PA in 2005. I got into graphic design when I took multimedia I and II in high school. That is when I started to become familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I applied to East Stroudsburg University for a degree in graphic design to develop my skills in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. After I graduate college, I plan on going to grad school to further my skills and hopefully use what I learned to have a career in design. One fun fact about me is I love astronomy.

Andrew Grant-

Long IS. NY.


Morgan Weissbach

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Michael Schupp

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Alex Ortiz

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Jeff Shapcott (Yorty)

I got into graphic design after seeing a couple of my family members major and work in the design field. I also always had a love for art as young kid and through high school. I am currently working on projects for a startup company called Game Face Wipes. After college I hope to get a graphic or creative design job with a fashion or sporting company. My middle name is Yorty.

Jeff Shapcott- Bristol, PA.